_K3A4984Do you want a positive response from your target group? Do you want the customers to keep returning? The quality of the communication is important – A well written and correct text is of vital importance

Website, letters, proofreading

Do you need help to tell the good stories about your company, organization or association? Are you looking for an expert in texts for websites? Do you need help to write letters? Articles for your internal or external periodical? Proofreading? We will write the text for you and you can be sure that it is correct.

Campaign and events

Do you need help for campaign promotion in the media, on Facebook or other Social Media? We will design your campaign in close cooperation with you.

Are you planning an event meant to brand your company, organization or a new product? We will plan your event and provide for exposing in the media.

We make photo campaigns and campaign videos for Social Media and for your website.

Contact with the press, advising about the press and business journalism

How do you talk to the press? How do you get your company/organization mentioned positively in the media? We will provide you with advising about the press and write your press releases and articles for your internal and external periodical in your organization. Should your organization end up in a crisis of bad press, we also have the tools for handling that.

Especially about press releases

We cannot guarantee mentioning in specific media. But we know how to write a press release in a way that the media want to publish it. Many times, our press releases have been published word-for-word. Therefore, the press release can be an effective way to promote your company in your own words.

A press release can also lead to a call from the press in preparation for an interview or further information. In that case, you will have yet another chance to get more positive mentioning in the press that you yourself are managing.

Speech writing

Are you going to make a speech? We write the political speech, the speech for your employees, the speech for the Midsummer bonfire, the speech for the anniversary…

Branding – the image and identity of the company

Do you want to brand your company or yourself as a person? We provide advising about branding and public relations.

Business communication, translation, intercultural communication and interpretation

Are you representing a company wishing to establish itself on the Danish market? We will give you advice about the Danish business culture and translate your letters from English into Danish.

If you wish face-to-face interpretation, we can also provide this.