_K3A5066Prices and Business Conditions

The prices vary in proportion to the type and the extent of the tasks, how many elements they consist of and how urgent they are.

You are always welcome to contact me for a not binding offer. See under Contact.

Terms of Payment

All agreements are binding.

Once we have agreed on a task, I will send you an advance invoice of 20 percent of the estimated amount for the whole task. The task will be commenced when the amount is paid into my bank account.

For larger tasks, the amount of the advance invoice will be 30 percent of the price for the whole task, and an invoice for payment on account will be sent during the process.

If, during the working process, you demand the task finished on a specific date which we have not agreed on when we started the work, this will be effected only by an extra charge of 100 percent of the price for the whole task.

Working Hours

My daily working hours are 9am to 5pm, and my telephone will be open the following hours:

Monday: 9am to 5pm
Tuesday: 9am to 12 noon
Wednesday: 9am to 11am and 2pm to 5pm
Thursday: The telephone is not open (send an sms or send and e-mail)
Friday: 9am to 10am and 2pm to 5pm

At all other times: Leave a message on my phone, send an sms or send an e-mail, and I will return as soon as possible. See under Contact.
For urgent tasks or other tasks being effected at other times than my usual working hours, there will be an extra charge. I do not work between 9pm and 9am, neither in weekends nor on Danish holidays, unless very extraordinary circumstances are present.
Transport in relation to meetings is defined as working hours and will be charged specifically.


Appointments can be changed until 24 daily hours before the appointment should take place. Daily hours are hours from Monday to Friday.
Appointments cancelled after this hour, will be charged in the following way:

  • Appointed telephone interviews will be charged as half an hour.
  • Appointed physical meetings, interviews or other activities will be charged as three hours.


Iben Sønderup Consult and our partners of collaboration cannot be called to account for losses as a consequence of our work or our advising.

It is your own responsibility to assure that what you do as a result of our advising is not against the law and that it is the right thing for you and your company. It is also your responsibility to reassure that the contents of the texts are correct, and that names, addresses and phone numbers are correctly spelled. We cannot guarantee any results or the wanted mentioning in the media.
All sources must be accessible for the media during all times in relation to PR tasks.


You can use all the texts written by us exactly as you wish.

Other Details

Price for transport: 3.70 DKK per kilometre. They will be added to the price per hour and charged separately.
All agreements are binding, and therefore there will be no right to annul the agreements concerning our services and products.
As part of our marketing Iben Sønderup Consult, we are entitled to refer to the name of your company and the texts we write for you, unless we have made other agreements.