About us


One-person business with many relations

I run Iben Sønderup Consult as a one-person business, but I can count on a large network of experts like lithographic artists, photographers, translators, and interpreters for the different types of tasks. I myself am the keen text writer and translator with the sense of telling the good story. Moreover, I have flair for campaign and event planning.


I was educated M. A. in Spanish and Danish, and for many years I worked as a professional translator, university teacher and senior master at a business college.


I have many years of experience of journalism, and I act as the internal journalist at Aarhus Business College, Vejlby Centervej 50 in Aarhus where I teach Danish and Spanish.

In addition I have been acting as the press contact and the author of articles in a long row of connections within society work of my neighbourhood.

Moreover, I have developed teaching materials for Spanish teaching at Aarhus University and Aalborg University, and I am the co-author of a scientific article about cognitive linguistics.

I transform creativity into business

With the business Iben Sønderup Consult I have created a marketing business with focus on telling the good stories, boosting the good campaigns and delivering precise translations of a high quality. My business also offers assistance and advising on branding, translation, interpreter assistance, business communication and intercultural communication.

I have worked with contact to the press, proof reading, speech writing, translation, campaign planning and the use of photos for many years, as a professional teacher at the university and the business college and as a political candidate and politician as well.

Now I am transforming my sharp pen into business.

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